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Joy Joyang様 女性

I was attended by Ms Toshie, she is very accomodating and very attentive... I would recommend this Salon, it might be expensive but worth it... ��

Shermine Teo様 女性

Did my hair over here last week, had a haircut and the keratin treatment done by Keiko-san. She's really friendly and smiley even though (I think) she just came to Singapore recently.
The hair treatment was really effective and my hair is very smooth now ;D i don't have to spend time combing my tangled hair in the morning anymore and causing more damage to my hair! And the treatment lasts too, my hair is so shiny days after the treatment.
Really loved the haircut she gave me too, really airy and bouncy look, and very japanese indeed.
Highly recommended! Will come here again ^^

Fantasia DeLia様 女性

Thank you Masami san. This is my first visit & I did rebonding + cut. Masami was the one throughout, handling my hair, making effort to check if that's the style I wanted etc. I told her I leave it up to her to decide for me. Wonderful experience & I'll definitely go back for my next hair-do.

Tomako Kawashima様 女性

I’ve gone to Art-Noise more than 5 times for haircut and, my stylist Toshie-san always gives me perfect feminine short style. Love the relaxing / friendly atmosphere there. They even have English-speaking part-timers for communication support so that they can provide quality service to both local and Japanese customers.

Leong CM様 女性

Don't miss Art Noise if you are looking for a new hairdo! The level of service is excellent! All the stylists are highly skilled and experienced. They are friendly and really patient when you put forth your hair concerns. All of them are Japanese but don't worry about communication. Most of them can speak basic English. There is also a translator at the counter that can assist your consultation with stylists. Will definitely come back for hairdo!

Yuri Carolyn様 女性

Today's my first time at Art Noise. Masami-san was my hair stylist, and she was great! I loved the excellent service, and she really made me feel comfortable. She even helped me out when she saw me studying Japanese. I'm generally uncomfortable speaking Japanese with native speakers, but she managed to make me at ease with my stuttering Japanese, and I had fun (I think she did too) conversing with her.
I only did some trimming (no major change to my hair style), but the end result looked amazing, and my hair is soft and silky for the first time in about 20 years. No kidding.
Before coming here, I was afraid that my hair cut wouldn't end up as something I wanted. But Masami-san would always ask for my opinion before she did any cutting. She did such an awesome job with my hair cut (it was better than I envisioned), and made me feel safe about leaving my hair in her hands.
I'm completely in love with this hair salon. Will definitely recommend it my friends

Hong Phuong Vu様 女性

I just got a hairdo today and now feeling very satisfied with my hair.
I wanted to perm and color my hair together then they suggested me to color only coz my hair was too damaged at the end. I should keep it longer and stronger before doing perm.
My hair was very dry, frizzy and damaged before but now I cannot stop touching my hair. It become softer, smooth and easy to manage.
My friend said it's awesome especially my fringe looks very natural.

I felt very thankful to their honesty and enthusiasm!
Thank you so much and please help me say thanks to my stylist Shuji :) I surely will introduce my friends and come back as well :)

Nur Hajrah様 女性

First visit to Art Noise. Was warmly welcomed by the front desk and my hair artist was Masami. Being a very fussy and perfectionist this place was excellent and I was truly enjoying every minute of my hair session. I had a cut and color service, Masami was very professional in her expertise who examined my hair, texture as well as the existing hair color. She picked a good color, base on my requirements. My was very gently taken care of and the products were gentle for my scalp. Looking forward to my next visit :) Recommended for their customer care!

Chris Miyuki様 女性

First time visit and i like the service provided by masami , beyond excellent will visit again next time. thanks.

Chenny Wahono様 女性

I have tried many different hairstylists since I moved here many years ago and the result was almost never satisfactory. I recently found Art-Noise through beautyundercover, what attracted me to it is the first time customer discount. :) After doing a lot of research and looking at their portfolio, I decided to give it a try and I selected Masami as my hairstylist. I went in for a rebonding + haircut. Initially I was very worried of how it's going to turn out because of my past experiences, but in the end, the result was much more than I expected! This is probably the first time I have ever had such a nice hair style!!! Masami is very skillful, patient, and humble. The service she provided is worth a lot more than what I paid for. I never write a review for anything, but Masami really deserves one. Thank you Masami for your great work and service!

Zhidan Lin様 女性

I originally wanted to get a perm but my hair condition was not suitable. My hairstylist, Masami-san, was very experienced and advised me with what I should do with my hair. In the end, I opted for a dye instead. She is very gentle with my hair and constantly checks with me to know whether the hair length/colour is what I like. Even though my original hair colour is super uneven, Masami-san managed to made my final hair colour even and bright. Thank you so much art noise! :)

Jie Su様 男性

Very nice experience

Leona Lo様 女性

Looking forward to my next hair cut with the affable Masami San.

Way ling wiser様 女性


Teresa Tan様 女性

I had my hair cut, colour and treatment done by hair stylist Shuji a few times since the beginning of this year 2016. I am very pleased with the way he did my hair. It is very soft and easy to manage now. Have recommended a few friends to the hair salon. Very nice and relaxing place.

Mayu Boelens様 女性

Authentic Japanese Hair salon right in the heart of Holland Village. The staff are really nice and friendly, and more importantly they really know what they're doing! I wanted to get a trendy ombre colour done to look edgy and unique. They were not only open to the new trendy hairstyle but also gave me professional & personalised feedback. They gently shampoo your hair using their own haircare brand which focusses on cleansing scalps and treating damaged hair. Love this place!

Chia Madeline様 女性

A truly authentic Japanese Hair Salon from Tokyo! I could feel their warmth and hospitality the moment I stepped into the salon. They take care of their customers' needs very well and would suggest hair style that suits the face and style. I have not had bangs for about 8 years because I had a bad experience, but my Stylist Daisuke made such a perfect style for me even my friends said my hair finally looks so good after years! I went back the second day to do colouring and treatment, the beautiful ladies Yuki and Hiroe also helped with the colouring. My hair feels so soft and silky after the treament. I feel so pampered in the salon and the decoration is simple yet nice. The salon is very bright and welcoming, with the smiles of the people, I had an overall great experience! Definitely got to have your hair cut here if you are looking for something excellent!

中原志乃様 女性

Located in Holland Village, quite closed to public car park / restaurant street, nice convenience i felt.
The designation is pure Japanese style by Japanese designer. Even cut designation takes time to discuss till customer fully satisfy. I love not only their cut designation but hospitality. They give massage which has enough trained / skillful , finally get good relaxation together.
The price isn't expensive much which enough reasonable for me.
Definitely come back here, thank you very much !

Axelle Chef様 女性

Located in Holland Village, Singapore, just a few minutes walk from the Mrt Station. It is very convenient for everyone.
The price isn't steep, and all the staff were very kind. The shampoo they use smells great! It has a fruity scent.
I had my hair cut, bleached and ombre-dyed. My friend thought that I was wearing a wig!
Definitely come back here again! Thank you so much~

Chamine Tan様 女性

The cut and colour were fantastic! I like that they were concerned about my hair quality and tried to work around the limitations. I'm also in love with their own brand of shampoo and conditioner. They're fantastic

Syahiran Ibneel様 男性

I opt for head spa and hair treatment while my bf got the head spa. I was treated by Daisuke and he was really great! He was gentle and ensured that I was comfortable throughout. My hair tt was initially very dry became softer after and it still is. The head spa was also very relaxing.
My bf was treated by Kanako and he was really pleased with her works too. His hair was styled expertly by Kanako and he really enjoyed his experience there.
Location is conveniently 3 min away from the Circle Line, and the place was cozy and the staff were attentive. Looking forward to the next visit! :D
Thank you

Lee Shao-Wei様 男性

Amazing hair salon, staff properly and adequately address customers' concrerns and requests!

Linnah Mikaela Tan様 女性

Great place to get a stress-free haircut with stylists who know what they're doing and what's good for you ^_~ thanks for the new style :>

Ruth Kay様 女性

I underwent Aqua Rebonding under the wonderful service by Sei Ya. Definitely one of the best hair service I've had. He was meticulous, patient, highly skilled, polite, great listener. Finally found an awesome hair salon to be a regular!!

Peggy Teo様

Really love my curls so natural n easy to maintain. Will recommend my frens who like to do perming to come here too!!

Justin Lau様 男性

The stylists are very professional and focused in their work. The cut is great and it was surprisingly easy to get across what I wanted with the friendly translators present! Thanks to all the staff in the salon for their hard work!

Birdie Yang様 女性

Yukie-San helped me do digital perm and treatment today and the effect is great! This is so far my favourite after so many experiences with different salons in Singapore. The service is also amazing, environment is cozy and relaxing! I will definitely come back again. After a few of my friends saw my hair they also show great interest :-)

Natasha Hayashi様 女性

I have visit art noise hair salon twice. First i went for an haircut and treatment. The second time i went for coloring. Their service are very good and i love how they style my hair! Try will do a consultation and they will listen to my needs and success to achieve my ideal hair! I was very happy with the result the first time i visit them. I'm a regular costumer there now. I am so happy that i get to know art noise hair salon. I love the atmosphere too! very cozy.

Zynnthea T N Siew様 女性

My scalp felt so clean and refreshed after the Detox Treatment. Also, it made my hair so smooth and shiny. I color my hair every 2 months and the hair treatment I have done at other hair salons did not give me such good result like Art-Noise's. I like how the stylists here do every process for the customers. I believe this helps to ensure the best results for us. Love the haircut I got at Art-Noise too! Looking forward to my next hair pampering session at Art-Noise ^^

Evelyn Chua様 女性

Went to Art-Noise with the recommendation of a friend, and I'm glad that I went there. The treatment has made me hair become more shiny and soft, and also, it also solve my long time problem of tangling hair. Other salons do treatments, but it never really solve my problem. Moreover, the service given by Art-Noise was really good. Their staff are very attentive to their customers.
Would definitely be coming back to there for another hair treatment soon, and I do recommend you all to give this a try!

Elizabeth Liu様 女性

Very cozy salon with the friendliest hairstylists around! Not to mention the salon is very conveniently located in the heart of Holland Village. Had a haircut done by Kanako and she knew exactly what to do with my long and damaged hair. She was very gentle with my hair and her recommended hairstyle for me turned out really great and I couldn't ask for more. Will definitely have other services done in this salon again!

Emma Chen様 女性

I had done bayalage for the very first time and the result was amazingly natural, with hints of silver accents! My stylist, Shuji-san, was really meticulous and lets me know the next thing he will be doing to my hair at every interval. This really puts to me assurance! I practically sat back and relaxed and left my hair to his expertise!
Looking forward to my next hair appointment already!

Perlin Nshi様 女性

Back with an updated review: March 2016~
Finally got my hands on SHA Shampoo and I am really liking it! My hair used to get quite oily at the end of the day but now it seems like my oily scalp is kept at bay. Very value for money! Highly recommended!
Love Art-Noise for their excellent service and great hair treatment! My hair was rather damaged but went smooth and soft to touch after my treatment with Art-Noise for about 3 weeks! The head massage which I opted in was so relaxing and I highly recommend that opt-in as well!
Overall, Art Noise is a great hair salon with very good customer service that delivers!

Samantha TanZy様 女性

If you want to change your hairstyle and are looking for a hair salon with a relaxing atmosphere, Art-Noise is the to-go place for this!
They have an amazing interior design which makes the salon look really wide since the materials used are mostly wooden (brown and white colour schemes), it really relaxes and recharges one when one is doing their hair in the salon.
Furthermore, they are able to whip up a whole range of hairstyles and customers need not fret over whether their requests would be received properly or not because they have English-speaking part-timers there all ready and willing to help out with translations (:
The skills and expertise of the hair stylists are all really good, where they are all extremely experienced and every stylist at Art-Noise would be able to bring out the hairstyle you like to the best of their abilities.
Art-Noise also has their in-house products, the SHA shampoo and treatment which can help fight various hair problems such as hair loss, dandruff, itchiness and so on, so do give it a try!


Friendly staff with good fashion sense. I love their professional services.

Pei Ying Soh様 女性

Very personal service. Shuji was very nice and polite. My hair looks very tame and easy to maintain now. What I want and need!

Sandra Yu様 女性

Loved my hair cut ^^ It is superbly fuss free and is growing out well.

Shawn Ang様 男性

Excellent salon with good service and talented hairstylists.

Zing M Tan様

The best experience I have and simply love having my hair done here. Unlike some salon, in Art-Noise, your stylist will be the only person who handle your hair and every details is taken care of. Thank you Shuji for the beaitiful curl,. simply love it and the excellent service. Oh n not forgetting the thoughtful ginger tea for my cough.

Mimi Chan様 女性

The whole service is Awsome. Very happy :)また 来ます(^∇^)

Fiona Chua様 女性

16.04.2016 had my hair perm, cut. 23.04.2016 coloured and treatment all by Yukie-san. It was an awesome experience. Full dedication of her time to my hair for the 2 session.
Love the outcome. Service was excellent . I will come back for all my hair services.
Thank you

進藤りさ様 女性

I really wanted purple hair color (just on the tips) so I went here for a try. Cannot be more satisfied with their service! The coloring ended up being fantastic, and my stylist made sure that the black-->color gradation wasn't flatly divided.
My stylist was super duper nice, and I enjoyed having conversation with her while getting my hair done :)
Since my hair gets frizzy quite easily, I also bought the SHA Shampoo & Treatment (their original brand) for a try, and that was quite great as well! My hair is much more controlled, even when I sweat and all.
Thanks, will visit again :)

Khristie Caiayo valero様 女性

Great service and value for money. Keep up the good work Art-Noise and more power!

Anna Khristine Lopez-Arana様 女性

Great service and super friendly staffs! Thank you for my colour last December and rebonding yesterday. Will definitely be back!

Kai ling Phui様 女性

Absolutely love the services at Art Noise. Thank u Hiroe and the sweet translator (sorry didnt get your name) who patiently explained the treatment pricesses. Will make it my regular salon going forward.

Angela Lim様 女性

Cosy place, charming services. Thank you ShuJi

Mi Mi Le様

Thank u , Mr Shuji for making my hair beautiful ❤️❤️

Tay Wen Xin様 女性

I can finally say, i found a salon that i am sticking to! Excellent service, reasonable pricing, and they really do care for yr hair.

Jodee yap様 女性

Awesome service and very friendly hairstylists! The hospitality and warm environment created makes you feel relaxed and welcomed. The hair treatment is one of the best value for
money - it left my hair feeling silky smooth for 2 weeks and counting:)

Parch Patil様 女性

It was probably the first time hairdresser understood my needs and gave a perfect solution. And guess what we didnt have a common language. We had a translator who helped me to convey my message to the hairdresser. Kudos to them! I got my hair rebonded and all I wanted was to retain my natural curls. They did soft rebonding leaving my ends with soft curls. I keep touching my hair all the time and everyone around me keeps complementing my hair. I am so glad to find a perfect salon here in singapore. Thank you hiroi and the art noise team :)

Zhou Jiajia様 女性

I've been to many hair salons who offer haircuts at the same price range but this is probably only one where the stylists really devote time to help every customer. They don't try to take more appointments at the expense of the allocated time for each customer. Excellent service!

Eunice Loh様 女性

This is my second time that I have stepped into the salon ever since 5 months ago that I wasn't at all satisfied with my hair. Decided to give them another chance and headed down again yesterday to get a haircut + treatment. My hair was managed by Stylist Seiya. A rly professional, friendly and patient guy. Despite the language barrier that we had, it didn't stop him from trying to understand what kind of style I was requesting for. My hair is rly smooth after the treatment now and it feels like I just rebonded my hair. :) so satisfied that I even purchased the SHA shampoo and treatment from the salon (nope they didn't keep promoting the shampoo or anything, I wanted to purchase it out of my own accord) and hoping to maintain my hair this way. Will be back soon to get my hair done by Seiya again. Kudos to him!

Gracia Chan様 女性

Being my first experience doing a digital perm, i am satisfied with the result that Daisuke, my hairstylist has created. The curls look amazing after close to one week of washing and falls very nicely without having to do much styling. Having naturally frizzy and dry hair, my curls do look a little dry at the ends probably because it has been chemically treated and i have been experimenting ways to tame the frizziness, but this is in no way Daisuke's fault. I initially requested for a haircut, treatment and digital perm but Daisuke has suggested doing the digital perm before the hair treatment as a better option due to the nature of my hair texture. I am glad that i went to Art-Noise and trusted their expertise; making my first perm experience a very pleasant one. Hiroe and Yukie, the other 2 hairstylists are also very friendly and skillful as i see them work their magic on other customers; leaving a smile on their faces. Staff are very friendly and provides great hospitality. The design and concept of the hair salon gives a cozy and homely feeling and makes one feel at ease. Service was perfect as they pay attention to little details to ensure your comfort; adding a

Pavan Gill様 女性

My experience was perfect! I wanted to do soft rebonding at my roots n a digital perm but my hairstylist, hiroe , advised me to just stick with the roots rebonding after doing an analysis of my hair condition - very professional! She told me to give it a few mths n then we could give the digital perm a shot :) she was absolutely gentle throughout the whole process :) her assistant helped with the translating n kept ensuring i had a refill of the yummy chamomile tea n sweets :) n i mentioned that i was a little hungry and hiroe got her assistant to give me a bun to eat first :). This is what you call excellent customer service! After the treatment, i was super happy to see the results n she went the extra mile to do a temporary wave for me :)
Thank u so much :) ♡

Dong Zheng様 男性

Writing on behalf of my girlfriend whom I accompanied with to Art Noise. It was an very pleasant experience to have your hair done in Art Noise. Kanako-san was my girlfriend's stylist, and she was very professional, polite and patient in her service. The outcome was fantastic, and my girlfriend is extremely pleased with the service and her new hair. Thank you Kanako-san! =) Will definitely visit again!

Shirley Tan様 女性

I really love this salon! When I walked in, I immediately feel very welcomed! They greeted me with faces full of smiles. It's a very good experience I had with them. My hairstylist is Yukie-San and she really dedicated full attention to me throughout my 4 hours of hair Rebonding. The salon is so relaxing that I can even fall asleep when Yukie washed my hair. Overall, it's an awesome experience and I am already looking forward to my next hair appointment with them!

Shi Hui Valeria様 女性

Just came here for coloring and hair-cut, was served by Toshie san, she's a very nice and friendly lady. She handled my hair really gentle, really like the hair cut & color by her.. Highly recommended!

Celeste Seow様 女性

Masami gave me a haircut, colour and detox treatment on Thurs. She's very skillful and makes me feel at home. She even gave me a neck massage after the treatment. Feels so good !! Will come back again

リムチンフォン様 女性

Had my hair cut & perm done by Shuji san. He is very patient and will give his opinion when show him the picture I desire to cut. End result was perfect. Will come back again next time.

Melisa Leong様 女性

I recently had a hair cut and colour done by Shuji-san and it was great! I've got compliments about my new hairdo too. It was my first visit to Art Noise and I was asked to fill in a form asking about my hair condition and what past experiences I had with haircuts that I didn't like. The service provided by Shuji-san was top notch and I felt like I was in Japan not Singapore! I liked how he told me what he was doing at every step instead of leaving me wondering what was going on. His English was not bad actually and we communicated pretty well (with some smatterings of Japanese from my limited knowledge). Although the cost was higher other salons I've been too, it was worth every penny. I will certainly be back :)

Christie様 女性

Did a rebonding, detox treatment and a hair cut by Masami-san. The results: Superb! Masami-san is very attentive and professional. She delivered the hairstyle that I wanted and even shared some tips how to manage it! Great service and feel extremely comfortable through the whole process. Will definitely be back. I'd a lot compliments on my hair from friends and colleagues.
A big thank you to Masami-san =)

Vicky Ho様 女性

シースルー前髪でイメチェンジしてくれて、ありがとぅ!すごく気に入った!髪の悩みについてもたくさんのアドバイスをくれたり、おまけに九州弁も教えてもらえたw〜 また来るので、髪も九州弁も、よろしくね!聖也さんありがとぅm(_ _)m

Charissa様 女性 33歳

Nice environment, top notch service and clean place. I got to know this place through researching the website and decided to give it a try since I always love Japanese hair styling.
Did cut, color and treatment. The cut was very professionally done by Shuji- San and the color was something I would like to give credit on. I felt the dye was not so damaging to my hair as I don't feel pain on my scalp as compare to my previous experiences elsewhere. Tried the carbonated spa as well, was a different experience though; something interesting.
Will definitely be back for my chiffon perm and recommend friends for the treatment.

Natalie様 女性 30歳

Lovely surroundings, soothing music playing in the background, with the latest magazines to browse through! Together with polite staff who are attentive to your hair care needs-> Art Noise salon is a one stop destination for pampering your tresses! Would like to specially commend my stylist- Seiya, for an easy-to-maintain bob and patiently explaining how to care for my hair.

HuiHua様 女性 34歳

First time at this salon, the service at counter and by stylist masami was excellent. Very courteous and polite . Stylist was professional in explaining what she is gonna do with the help of interpretator if you don't understand Japanese. environment was comfortable. Satisfied with the service and the perm. Will recommend to my friends. First class service

Xue Ting様 女性 22歳

It was my first visit to a hair salon in Singapore, and Art Noise has made it an extremely pleasant experience for me. The ambience and soft music of the salon made it a comfortable environment to be in. The place was clean, well-kept and well-lit by natural sunlight.

Kanako-san was my hair stylist, and she was very professional. Her hospitality was very good, and she was very patient in sharing with her advice and tips on how my hair should be styled to suit my new look. The whole experience was very pleasing, and I felt that i was in safe hands for a new hairstyle. The outcome was fantastic, and I was very delighted with my new look. Kanako-san was very meticulous, and sees that all the fine details was taken care of. She made sure that she sends me to the door, before going about her next task. This is Japanese hospitality at its best.

Art Noise is a must-visit for all Singaporeans out there who are looking for a top-notch salon. I will definitely visit this place again, and recommend it to all of my friends. Thank you Kanako-san. =) See you again!

Melody様 女性 21歳

It was my first time visiting this authentic salon that is one of the best in town. And honestly speaking, I have an amazing experience there.

Without introduction from anyone, I proceeded to research online and visited this salon to witness it myself.

My stylist was Toshie-san. Her patience and friendliness, not forgetting her skillful hands and knowledge have leave a good impression in me on this salon.
I was greatly satisfied with my new hairstyle, from long to short, messy to neat, permed to natural.
She was also open to customers opinions and gave remarkable advices on individual nature of hair.

The time spent there was worth it. The ambience and the moments exchanging japanese conversations were enjoyable.
Although reviews did mentioned about the service and the ambience of the salon, I totally agree with them. There's even a holder for spectacles and a box to store your belongings. To exaggerate further, there's a cushion for you to cuddle and good views of the outside.
Allow me to add on, the impression of the staff was WOW! They were polite and friendly to everyone not just their own customers.

Thus, I would like to share my enjoyable moments with the public. Visiting Art Noise Salon once is never enough. You want to receive more of their great service again and that's what I'm going to do.
I will be back, Art Noise Salon! Not concerned about the price, this salon is really BRAVO

yu様 女性 29歳

The hair salon I used to go was close down and can't think of any thing for next choice.
Then I found art noise salon and went there for hair cut.
My stylelist was Toshie san.
I want to change my style at the same time i want to keep my hair long. So she advice me to cut a bit to make it thinner and suggest to perm on 2 or 3 months later.
She did very well as per my request and did not give any unnecessary advice. Head spa 20 mins also done by her and its very relaxable. I m sure to look for her again to perm my hair on next 2 months.
I found better salon for my future use again.
Thanks Toshie san. See you again :)

kai様 男性


joanna様 女性 24歳

Dark yet soft looking hair colour thanks to Daisuke and Yukie.

Super shiny and silky hair after SHA shampoo and carbonated water wash too!

before dyeing, my base colour was super uneven (as i dyed my hair myself a lot of times before, it looked like i had streaks in my hair). now it's beautiful and smooth and evenly coloured. so happy!

Y.M様 男性 34歳




melo様 女性

going to a hair salon is always a nerve-racking experience because you never know if you're going to end up looking hideous or amazing PLUS a bad haircut is usually something you can't undo immediately. at art-noise i've never had that fear or anxiety. even from my first visit i was put at ease by the excellent counselling service and thorough explanations by the stylists, and my hair turned out exactly as they said it would. it's liberating and exhilarating to go home with a great new hair cut (and for me, usually colour as well!). thank you art-noise! you've spoilt me for other salons.

natalia様 20歳

art-noise hair salon is the first hair salon i visited in singapore. their service was wonderful! i had a haircut and color with kanako-san. i wanted a bob hairstyle and bleach. what she did for me was more than what i have expected. because i have a curly hair i thought it would be hard for her to have it done as what i wanted, but she made it rly close to what i wanted! i'm so happy with my hairstyle now. art-noise hair salon is a place where i would definitely be a regular customer. thank you very much kanako-san:)

samantha様 女性 20歳

If you want to change your hairstyle and are looking for a hair salon with a relaxing atmosphere, Art-Noise is the to-go place for this!
They have an amazing interior design which makes the salon look really wide since the materials used are mostly wooden (brown and white colour schemes), it really relaxes and recharges one when one is doing their hair in the salon.
Furthermore, they are able to whip up a whole range of hairstyles and customers need not fret over whether their requests would be received properly or not because they have English-speaking part-timers there all ready and willing to help out with translations (:
The skills and expertise of the hair stylists are all really good, where they are all extremely experienced and every stylist at Art-Noise would be able to bring out the hairstyle you like to the best of their abilities.
Art-Noise also has their in-house products, the SHA shampoo and treatment which can help fight various hair problems such as hair loss, dandruff, itchiness and so on, so do give it a try!

Shao wei様 男性 22歳

Art noise is more than a place to get a simple haircut or hair treatment, it is a place where one can relay and enjoy Japanese hospitality and atmosphere. Upon entering the salon, one is greeted by extremely friendly and experienced Japanese hairstyliststs who take good care of not just your hair but your overall well-being, making you feel just like you are at home when you are actually getting your hair done. Definitely not a place to overlook if you you happen to be in Holland village!

gen様 女性 25歳

Thank you Yukie-san for always meticulously taking care of my hair! The staff are all also very patient and kind.

I will definitely be back again and again. One place I know my hair will be in good hands. ^.^

Zynn様 女性 29歳

I went to Art-Noise for the first time to do the Detox Treatment in May. I was so satisfied with the result and of course, the massage. The hairstylist carefully massage the scalp during the treatment process. It helped me to feel relax especially when I just took a flight and came back to Singapore.

My scalp felt so clean and refresh after the treatment and my hair was moisturized, smooth and shiny. I color my hair every 2 months and the hair treatments I have done at other hair salons did not give me such good result like Art-Noise's.

I went back again for haircut and hair treatment. Stylist, Daisuke-san managed to achieve the look I requested. I can trust my hair to him. ^^

I like how the stylists here do every process for the customers. I believe this helps to ensure the best results for us.

Will be going back soon. Looking forward to meet the friendly stylists and staffs. Not to forget, the boss, Ishiyama-san who is very nice and friendly too! :)

yumo様 男性 34歳

シンガポール人気の街、ホーランドビレッジにアートノイズあり!!! 東京でのお客様の声を一番に取り入れていて、また髪の悩みや商品などのこだわりをもったお店がシンガポールでも体験できます。


I had my color and cut at Art-noise. Their staffs are very nice and very well-skilled! I've also tried

イシヤン様 男性 40歳


財家 順子様 女性

“I haven't visited you a lot yet so haven’t been able to talk to you much for you to be able to understand all my wants and needs! I look forward to seeing you again!”

Z様 女性

癒しのコンシュエルジュ 松井さん
少なくとも私はそうです。“Matsui-san is the 'concierge of healing'. I’m pretty sure a lot of the other customers have been ‘healed’ by the always happy and smiling Matsui-san. I was, at least.”

E.M様 30歳

art-noiseのこれから先の10年も楽しみにしています。“Dear Art-Noise,
Happy 10th Anniversary! I have been visiting you since you’ve opened, so it must be 10 years now that you've taken care of my hair. All the staff have helped me rejuvenate, including Takahashi-san. I will continue to visit the salon, and I hope Art-Noise will be loved by many more people.
I look forward to the next 10 years of the salon.”

H.A様 女性 32歳

“Thank you for everything. I had a fun time! It was popular at the new color company. My hair is really silky and glossy, so I am very satisfied! I will visit you again when I return to Tokyo in the future!”

江原 惣一郎様 男性 34歳

アートノイズさんは、世の中に絶対必要です。“I visited them.
Art-Noise is authentic.
Art-Noise must exist in this world.”

石井 正人様 男性 34歳

どうもありがとう!!“I am able to keep shining thanks to Art-Noise. Thank you so much!”

笠原 浩志様 女性

これからもよろしくお願いします!Whenever I get my hair done by Art-Noise, my colleagues and friends say “it looks good on you!” or “the salon you go to must be really good”. These comments always makes me happy that I get my hair styled by Art-Noise.
I look forward to visiting you again!

宇賀神 佑佳様 女性 27歳

また宜しくお願いします。“It has been almost 2 years since I started going to Art-Noise. Every single time, I am satisfied by the outcome. All the staff are really friendly and it feels like I’m visiting a friend! I especially love the Negishi & Ryoji pair lol.
I will forever visit Art-Noise so please keep making me prettier than ever before!
I look forward to seeing you again.”

作田 菜保子様 女性 25歳

ナベさん、素敵にしてくれてありがとうございました。“Dear Nabe-san and Art-Noise,
This time round, I got my long hair chopped off! I usually get Negishi-san to do my hair, but this time I got Nabe-san to do it! I look totally different now. All the stylists at Art-Noise have superb techniques so it might be interesting to get different stylists to do my hair from now on!
I can really trust Art-Noise.
Nabe-san, thank you for making me look gorgeous.”

武田 麻里様 女性 28歳


“I have been visiting since 2003 up till now so that makes… 11 years!
Thank you for everything.
I love shampooing here, it’s fun!
From Toshima Ward to Nakano Ward to Suginami Ward to Kogane Ward…
My house keeps getting further and further from Ikebukuro but I will continue to visit Ikebukuro once a month!

和田 友紀江様 女性 27歳

art-noise is my presous

内田 尚子様 女性 30歳

美容室なのにカフェにいるような心遣いや雰囲気が大好きです。これからもよろしくお願いします!“I think it has been 8 years now since I’ve been going to Art-Noise - since I came to Tokyo!
Every staff makes sure I feel comfortable and my hairstyle turns out wonderfully every time. Thank you Nishiyama san!
Even though it’s a salon, the atmosphere makes it feel like being in a cafe so I love it! I look forward to visiting again!”

伊藤 沙矢加様 女性 23歳

のんびりできていごごちがいいお店。ずっとよろしくです。“I have been visiting since I was a university student, so it has been quite a while now. I have been entertained thoroughly each time I visit with hilarious stories.
I’ll be counting on you forever! I’m keeping my hair short forever too! Lol
A loving staff and always keeps me happy.
A comfortable store with a leisurely feel. I will go there forever.”

菅野 歩様 19歳

菅野 歩
近藤 優


“Member: Kanno Ayumi & Kondo Yu
Team Kondo

Please buy a brush!”

山岡 宏樹様 男性 25歳

アートノイズさんじゃないと私は、、、山ちゃん。“I’m so glad Art-Noise exists! If it wasn’t for Art-Noise I’d be…”

柿沢 明日香様 女性 24歳

また次回、楽しみにしてます!!“Dear Art-Noise,
This is my 2nd post!
I had a great time again!
I had lots of conversations about music, Disney, ramen, etc with a lot of the staff.
The fizzy water felt amazing too! So comfortable.
I look forward to my next visit!!

三沢 将人様 男性 41歳

いつ行こうかって?今でしょ!“Art-Noise helped me solve all my problem about my hair and scalp! They are really amiable and tries to find a solution with you. Why do they do so much? It’s because Art-Noise is connected with love.
When should you visit you ask? Now!”

作田 奈保子様 女性 24歳

これからもよろしくお願いします。“It has been 6 years since I been visiting Art-Noise. How time flies!
Since I came to Tokyo, I’ve only been seeing Art-Noise. I’ve a single track mind!
Every time I visit, everyone welcomes me warmly and happily so it feels like I’m visiting a friend.
For sure, I would give the service, techniques and products 120 points!
I can confidently shout “There is no place like this anywhere else!”
I will keep returning next year and the following years so long as they are here in Ikebukuro.
I will stay loyal to Art-Noise.
Thank you.

T.S様 女性

前髪メンテナンスもバッチリね ウフッ
シマウマもよろこぶアートノイズ!“My bangs are kept perfect haha
Art-Noise can even make the zebras happy!”



“We had pleasant visit the last time we visited. Thank you.
We always enjoy our time there. Always are great time to spend after work. I look forward to seeing everyone.

Thank you for reviving my cuticles every time. I’ll try my best to take care of my hair at home too.

大東 雄一様 男性

“I always visit after work. They’re open till late so I am very thankful. The staffs’ smiles help keep me going! It is my place of retreat once a month.”

石田美里様 女性 23歳

スタッフの皆様の笑顔がステキです^_^“The staffs’ smiles are gorgeous :)”

綱川栄様 女性

ありがとうございます。“It was my second day of my 3-day long holiday so I was able to spend a leisurely time. All the staff are kind to all the customers, even to those whom they are not in charge of so it feels great.
Thank you.”

江頭惣一郎様 男性 33歳

アートノイズさんがないと私は困る。“I’m so glad Art-Noise is here.
I’ll be devastated if they’re weren’t.”